Advantages of Getting Teeth Straigthened by Orthodontics

The main reason why people seek to have their teeth straightened is cosmetic. They know that straight, aligned teeth are more atractive, better looking than crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth.

Bet there are other benefits of having straight teeth:

1. When the teeth are are properly aligned, there is less predisposition of the patient to get gum disease (periodontitis). If the patient already has periodontitis, it is easier to control and maintain.

2. When the teeth are properly aligned, the patient is less likely to get TMJ or TMD. The symptoms of those conditions are relived if the patient follows a proper orthodontic treatment.

3. Any dental work is going to last longer if the bite and the position of the teeth were corrected by orthodontics (braces, Invisible Aligners or Clearcorrect).

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