Think Big or Think Small?

Think Big or Think Small?

When it comes to getting new teeth, a patient should think big and also think small in the same time.

Think big when it comes to value that you expect from the procedure: comfort, function, beauty and long term warranty. This procedure should provide all of these to the patient.

Think small when it comes to the time needed to complete the procedure, the number of doctors involved in the procedure(preferably one only), maintenance needed and the price you pay.

Our newest model uses medical grade cubic zirconia, the same material that is used to manufacture what is known as “fake diamonds”. They are the stones that you see in the jewelry stores that look like diamonds, they are just cheaper. This material not only is beautiful and alive looking, it is very strong, does not shrink or dilate, does not impregnate with saliva or bacteria and most importantly is biocompatible. The previous materials were based on plastic and as we know plastic is not the most biocompatible material on the long term, it has pores which get impregnated by saliva and bacteria, it gets a bad taste and a bad smell. Plastic teeth on a titanium frame were used as the only choice when the procedure was invented about 30 years ago. Now we have better materials. We only use cubic zirconia in my office.

You do not need to floss.

The teeth are so tight and the gums are so sealed that no food or residue can go under the teeth so the patient does not need to floss. Just brushing would be enough. Actually, that is the true test of the quality of the teeth, how air sealed and saliva sealed they are.

Our existing patients are the best salesmen

Most of our business is repetitive business and referral business from existing patients. That allows us to keep the prices lower than everyone else performing this procedure.