Replace Damaged or Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

by Dr. Pastiu – Implant Dentist in Sewell New Jersey

Do you have missing teeth but the idea of using dentures doesn’t appeal to you?

Dental implants is a popular dental procedure that is used to permanently fix missing teeth and give you a “smile makeover” that will make you look and feel great! Dental implants are a permanent, strong and natural-looking way to repair your smile.

James D. before implants

James D. before implants

James D. after implants

James D. after implants

Why Choose Dental Implants?

  • To replace missing teeth which make it embarrassing to smile.
  • To use a more permanent solution to Dentures that doesn’t require adhesives.
  • For a tooth replacement solution that can last a lifetime!
  • For a smile makeover that looks completely natural!

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are a popular (and painless) solution for replacing your missing teeth.

Dental implants have two main components:

  1. An Implant: A small “root” or “implant” that is placed in your jawbone
  2. A Tooth: A custom-made tooth (or teeth) that are attached to the implant.

Full Arch Treatment Options with Dental Implants

Option 1: 4 Implant Over Denture (Removable)

dental implants: implant over dentureAdvantages:

  • Improves stability and functionality to 60% compared to natural teeth
  • Relatively inexpensive tooth and gingival replacement
  • Provides lip support
  • Easy to clean outside of mouth


  • Uncomfortable – may cause sore spots on gum tissue
  • Remove and clean denture outside of mouth
  • May still move when chewing or speaking
  • May require relines to improve fit and comfort as bone deteriorates

Option 2: All-on-4™ Implant Fixed Bridge

dental implants: all-on-4 implant fixed bridgeAdvantages:

  • Improves functionality to 90% compared to natural teeth
  • Eliminates need for bone grafting
  • Can provide temporary bridge day of surgery
  • Preserves bone and soft tissue
  • Never decay – 95% success rate over 30 years
  • Natural-looking esthetics
  • Allows you to eat the foods you want
  • Able to clean fixed implant bridge like natural teeth


  • Time (healing and restorative; 8 to 10 months)
  • Surgical procedure

Option 3: Traditional 6-8 Implant Support Fixed Bridge

dental implants: traditional 6-8 implant support fixed bridgeAdvantages:

  • Replaces roots and teeth
  • Preserves bone and soft tissue
  • Improves functionality to 90% compared to natural teeth
  • Able to clean fixed implant bridge like natural teeth


  • Multiple surgeries
  • Time (healing and restorative; 1 year+)
  • No immediate prosthesis day of surgery
  • Cost


We use only Dental Implant Brands that back their products with a Life Time Warranty. So once you have an implant from us you do not have to worry about how long it lasts. It will be always covered by our warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty.