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Washington Township New Jersey General, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist

Dentist in Sewell NJ

Dr. Pastiu – Sewell NJ Dentist

Dr. Pastiu is a Washington Township, New Jersey dentist specializing in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Sewell Dental Arts provides a range of services, including routine oral hygiene and cleanings, cosmetic and restorative procedures, dental implants, oral surgery and other advanced treatments.

Few words from Dr. Pastiu:

We love our profession because we love our patients. Our patients are our extended family. We appreciate every single new patient coming in and giving us a try. This is why we have free consultations for new or existing patients. Any person can come in and have a free personal consultation with me. I will sit and talk to you until you understand what needs to be done, how it is going to be done and how much is going to cost. Furthermore, I will completely understand if you choose to get the dental work done somewhere else, as long as you are getting it done. My sole professional purpose is to get patients healthy and happy in a painless way. Dentally and otherwise. If a person is dentally healthy, that person has a lot higher chances to be bodily healthy because of the interrelation between oral and body health. I will use any financial, time, material, knowledge, staff, communication and connection resources to accomplish this goal.  I will also do it in a gentle, painless way. Every day I get patients who are terrified of dentist. I get them comfortable, do the work, and when they leave they are cured of that fear because they realize I cannot hurt them. In our days, with the resources dentists have, dentistry should be comfortable and quick. It is up to a caring dentist to use all available resources. We go above and beyond expectations on that. The average dentist in United States gets 50 hours of continuing education per year. I fly and drive all over the country for seminars, courses and classes and I average 600 hours of continuing education hours per year. Some of my staff average 200 hours continuing education hours per year. All this effort, time and financial resources are spent for the sole purpose of serving our patients and community that we live in more effectively and more efficiently. Within a range of 80 miles around our location I am not aware of any other office providing the multitude and complexity of services that we provide under the same roof, by one doctor and matching our fair fees.

We value your time as if it were our own. Our policy is not to have patients waiting in the waiting room more than 5 min. If we run ahead or behind the schedule someone is going to call you before you arrive.

Each patient has access to the doctor’s cellphone for calling him or texting him anytime for any reason.

After office hours, the office number gets forwarded to the doctor’s cellphone, so anyone can reach him anytime.

After each treatment plan is completed, it is followed by a quality control exam and follow up call. This is to make sure the patient got what was expected and is happy with the results.

We are open late during the week for people with tight work schedules.

Come and join our extended family, enjoy the results of our work and live healthy and happy.

Call me or text me personally,

Septimiu Pastiu DMD


Dentist in Sewell New Jersey

Sewell Dental Arts

Dentist in Sewell NJ

Reception Area

The practice is conveniently located in Washington Township and offers prompt, on-time appointments with office hours that include evenings, Saturdays, and emergency appointments as needed. Sewell Dental Arts accepts most dental insurance coverage and financing is available.

Dr. Pastiu’s Credentials and Memberships:

  • Graduateof the Universityof Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
  • Member of American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Member of the Washington Township Chamber of Commerce

Kathy Pastiu: Office Manager

Dentist in Sewell New Jersey

Kathy Pastiu: Office Manager

Kathy Pastiu is our capable office manager who has been with Sewell Dental Arts since the beginning. She is the first one to greet you when you walk into our office. Kathy’s previous experience was in pastry arts. Sewell Dental Arts is a new adventure in her life path.  So is raising her 3 year old daughter Anamaria.

If there is anything you need while you are working with Sewell Dental Arts, Kathy is  your go to person. And if you happen to need a wedding cake she might be able to help you out there as well.

Caitlin: Dental Assistant/Hygienist

Dentist in Sewell New Jersey

Caitlin: Dental Assistant/Hygienist

We are fortunate to have Caitlin, our dental hygienist, in our office. Under her care, you will find her knowledgeable, friendly and ready to answer all your dental concerns. She makes every effort to educate each patient on the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. You will love her caring spirit while under her treatment.

In May 2011, Caitlin graduated from the Burlington County College with an Associates degree in Dental Hygiene. Cailtlin is one of the most complimented and loved team member in our office. The patients love the fact that she is very gentle and they do not feel any discomfort during her cleanings. During her spare time, she likes running, cheering on the Philly sports teams and spending time with her family.