Do Teeth Identify Who You Are? Do they show your social status?


According to research, absolutely! Whether we like it or not, we are judged by our appearances. There’s the old saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”. This might be valid for books, but not for people. We are definitely judged by our appearances.

Kelton Research did a study surveying 1047 nationally representative Americans. The respondents were shown pictures of people with teeth with problems and pictures of people with perfect, healthy smiles. The results of the study shows how we are judge based on the looks of our smiles and how specifically that impacts other people’s opinion about us:

  • The most remembered facial feature people remember about us after the first meeting is the smile. 29% of the respondents say that they remembered the smile first.
  • Nice Smile equals Success. People with straight teeth and nice smiles are perceived as much as 58% more likely to be successful and 58% more likely to be wealthy
  • Attractive. People with nice teeth are perceived 57% more attractive just based on their picture alone.
  • Nice personality. People with nice smiles are perceive to be 21% happier, 47% healthier and 38% smarter and 73% more trustworthy.

From history we know that people were judged based on their teeth. In some cultures teeth were stained or they had diamonds placed in them or more often wrapped in gold to show the wealth. Fortunately, our culture only demands now to have them straight, white and healthy. That is enough to convey great personality traits, good social status and wealth.

You can easily look like an Executive, Fashion Setter, Career Woman with nice teeth. Or if you want to become one of those, your path is going to be a lot easier. You know the saying “Before you make a million dollars, you need to look like a person who makes a million dollars”.