Orthodontic Dental Braces Provide
Straight Teeth for a Beautiful Smile and a Perfect Bite

By Dr. Pastiu – Sewell New Jersey Orthodontics & Dentist

Do you or a loved-one have mis-aligned teeth?

Dental braces are a proven and reliable way to align your teeth for a well-aligned bite and an attractive smile.

Get straight teeth and improve your smile with proven and affordable metal orthodontic braces.

Why Our Patients Choose Orthodontic Braces:

  • To provide straight teeth, a perfectly aligned bite and an attractive smile
  • To correct crowded teeth which are harming the appearance of their smile.
  • To eliminate embarrassing gaps between their teeth which make it embarrassing to smile.

Benefits of Dr. Pastiu’s Orthodontic Braces:

  • Super-Accurate Tooth Alignment – Dr. Pastiu uses computer-generated orthodontic technology that produces faster and more stable results for you and your loved ones. Your braces will be individually designed for the most effective and fastest treatment. With the aid of a computer, Dr. Pastiu will diagnose your teeth, bone structure, and facial profile to develop your treatment plan and customize your brackets to align your teeth for a beautiful smile.
  • Braces Customized to Your Case – Dr. Pastiu will create a treatment-specific set of braces for your teeth (or your loved one’s teeth) allowing each tooth to be diagnosed to find the best bracket for the intended direction of tooth movement. Your braces will be designed and made specifically for you to give you a perfect smile.
  • Faster Treatment – Dr. Pastiu uses a unique orthodontic brace technology which has been shown to be at least 6 months faster than the current straight archwire appliance treatment. Since treatment time varies significantly by severity, age and anatomy, speak with Dr. Pastiu to get a better projection on your treatment time.
  • Fewer Treatment Visits – Due to the use of long-acting materials and the reduced need to make archwire corrections, intervals between your visits can be extended. This means less travel and time in the dentists’ chair, with better results.
  • More Comfort – Since your braces and wires are customized for you, you have less wire changes, pain and irritation so you’ll be more comfortable every day.
  • A Better Smile! – Dr. Pastiu’s computer-generated diagnosis technology compensates for unwanted tooth movements which accurately predicts your teeth’s path to its final position. This aids in shortening your treatment time and reducing unexpected tooth movements.

The end result is straighter teeth and a beautiful smile in about 40% less time than usual.

Ask Dr. Pastiu how custom, individualized braces can
optimize the alignment of your teeth and facial profile!