What is the difference between implants and miniimplants?

A lot of new patients come in and ask to have a consultation with me about miniimplants. When I ask them how did they heard about miniimplants, they answer that they heard from the newspaper, TV informacials or the previous dentist suggested them.
By definition miniimplants are dental implants with the diameter less than 3 mm. Most miniimplants have the diameter between 2.1 to 2.8 mm. Being so small in diameter, they compensate by lengths of 15-18mm. Being so long they can be placed only in areas of the jaws that allow that. Most of the miniimplants are used in the lower anterior area when the bone is very thin and they can be placed deeply without compromising any nerves or blood vassels. The usual use of miniimplants in the lower anterior jaw is to retain and stabilize a lower denture sitting on a very thin ridge. Another reason why the miniimplants are a good indication in that area is that the bone in the lower anterior area is very dense and the miniimplants can integrate(fuse with the bone) easier and can be torqued in with higher torque(giving them more stability). Some researchers claim that they never really integrate(fuse with the bone), they just seat in there because of the initial high torque. Regardless of being integrated or not, it seems that they do the job by retaining the lower denture in place. The other indication of miniimplants is that they can be used for a lower budget procedure. A lower denture retained by miniimplants is less than half the price of a denture retained by regular implants.
The regular dental implants have a diameter range from 3mm to 6mm and they can be more versatile. They can be used in any area of the mouth and they truly osseointegrate( fuse with the bone). They can retain dentures, single teeth, bridges, orthodontic appliances, etc…They are stronger and longer lasting and they usually come with lifetime warranty.
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