Possible Side Effects of Fixodent, Poligrip and Super Poligrip

14 Million Americans wear dentures. Most of those dentures  do not stay in the mouth by themselves and need to be stabilized either by dental implants or by denture cream.
Dental Implants privide the best support, retention and stabilization for the denture. If the denture is connected to the implants, it can be a lot smaller than the regular denture, the denture does not move at all, the biting force is not transmitted to the gum, the patients can bite with 95% of the biting force on them and the denture does not come out bu itself unless the patient wants to take it out.
As opposed to dental implants, the denture cream provides just retention for the denture. Fixodent3Fixodent2

In this case the denture still needs to be big, when bit on the denture transmitts the bitting force to the gum, the denture moves, the cream needs to be replaced couple times during the day because it dissolves,etc…But the real danger of using denture cream comes from the toxicity of its ingredients. It has many toxic ingredients, one of them being Zinc. Some denture wearers chenge their cream 3-5 times a day. Whenever they replace the old layer with a new one they introduce a large amount of Zinc in their system that may lead to Zinc Poisoning> The symptoms of Zinc Poisoning may include: weakness, loss of sensation, tingling in the extremities, numbness, neuropathy. Another ingredient of Fixodent is Silicon Dioxide which is a concentration of 1-4%. In nature it is commonly found in sand and quartz. Mineral Oil is in high concentration of 10-30%. Just to give you an idea, it is found in car oil, cosmeticals, creams and is made from distilling the raw oil to obtain gasoline. Petroleom Jelly is found in a concentration of 15-40% in Fixodent. Just by looking at the list of the main ingredients and their concentration, you can get a pretty good idea of what Fixodent can do to your body. Using denture cream is like swallowing a tea spoon of a mixture of petroleum jelly, baby oil, silica toped with Zinc every day for decades. Fixodent1

Not only that, but the patients pay on average $5 per tube which holds for a week. Multiplying the $5 over 20 years makes you realize that even from the financial standpoint, dental implants are the better choice.

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