Implant parts for later?

Today, a patient brought up this question which I found very interesting and wise: “What happens if the implant company that made my implants is not going to be in business 20 years from now and I’ll need something fixed, but they won’t have the parts available?”

The picture is showing different parts that are to be used with implants

Different Implant Parts that go together with the implant in order to create a tooth or teeth

This is a great question consideringĀ that there are hundreds of dental implants manufacturers worldwide, most of which will not be in business for long time. They attract dentists with smaller fees than the reputable companies and then they disapear. If something goes wrong and needs to be repaired, there are no parts to be found.The picture shows The list shows the top 15 major players on the dental implants players in US.

The list shows the top 15 major players on the dental implant market in US.

This is why is always good to use a reputable implant company with a long history, research based products, innovations, etc… This kind of implant manufacturer is always going to be around, give warranty for their products and fabricate parts even for discontinued implants.

The implants that we use are manufactured by Nobel Biocare. It is theĀ oldest implant company since the discovery of osseointegration( fusing of the titanium implants to the bone).

Nobel Biocare Dental Implant Company

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Septimiu Pastiu DMD