How to get straight looking teeth

A lot of people are asking how to get their teeth straight or at least to look straight.
There are so many ways to do it, that it becomes confusing.
If you want to straighten your teeth without changing the shape of the teeth, then braces or aligners must be used. If you want to have your teeth straight looking and you can not wait 6 month to a year for the final result to be achieved, then “instant orthodontics” can be employed, meaning veneers and crowns.

Of course, anyone(young or old) can have their teeth straightened by going to an orthodontist and wearing braces a year or two. But for adults, wearing braces seems to be a difficult position to be in. This is because the braces¬†are not good looking, annoying, hard to clean, sharp for the cheeks, etc…This is why adults are more interested in more alternative ways like 6 months smile, ClearCorrect and Invisible Aligners.
All the above mentioned products are clear aligners(cannot be seen in the mouth), they are made of plastic fitting perfectly on the teeth and they can be removed and cleaned by the patient at his or her convenience. The only issues with Clear Aligner Therapy are that the cost is higher than regular, metal or ceramic braces and not all situations can be solved with it.

If you want to have your teeth looking straight and you need to have it done quickly( for a wedding, interview, dating, etc…) than “instant orthodontics” can be used(veneers, bondings and crowns).
Bondings are very easy and inexpensive to do, but they have a shorter life span than the veneers and crowns.
Veneers are porcelain coverages of the teeth. They cover only one face of the tooth, and can be used to mask the misalignment or discolorations of the teeth. They last longer than the bondings and the best known are Lumineers.
Crowns, also called “caps” cover the teeth completely. They have a longer life than the veneers and some of the most popular brands are Procera,¬† Lava and eMax.

Whatever way you go in treating discolored, misaligned, stained, crooked, missing front teeth, it is the best investment you can do in yourself. This is because the teeth belong to the mouth which is a continuously moving organ. When people are looking at each other they look at the eyes first for eye contact and after that they look at the mouth when you start talking, smiling,etc…

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