How Can Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Change Your Life?

Some patients were surveyed about changes in their life that occured  after getting the new permanent teeth in 1 day procedure and some of their statements are revealed below:

Q:How has this procedure changed your life?

“In changed my life dramatically. Big difference. The biggest change is in my life style. I can go out and enjoy my social life, while before I was always concerned about the dentures falling out, not being able to bite, chew or…smile. Now I can sit at dinner table with family and friends and not be concerend about my ugly teeth. I can even smile in the pictures!!!”

“Before I was so ashamed of my teeth, that I could not even dare to date anyone. It was a nightmare. Not to be able to smile, bad breath, always pain and pus, tired and depressed I would isolate myself. After that one day when I got my permanent teeth, my life changed and enlightened. All in one day!!! If I only knew before…I can chew, smile, enjoy food, started exercising and I was asked for a date 4 days after my procedure. Finally I can have intimacy with another person…”

“Before the procedure I was so aware of how much bad teeth can destroy your face and behaviour, but after the day when I got the procedure, I realized how much good and nice teeth can enhance your face features and lifestyle. From a depressed, cranky and pessimistic person, I became this happy, health oriented, easy going, social person. I quit smoking and started swimming….”

“Next day after the procedure I went out to play golf with my friend. I couldn’t stop smiling. He noticed when I was 10 feet away…OMG!!! Couldn’t believe it. I was never complimented on my smile before. What a difference a day can bring!!!….

“Before I knew about this procedure, I thought that this is how my life was going to be: constantly worried of my teeth, unable to smile or eat. I kind of got used to it. After the procedure, I really realized what a nightmare I used to live before…”