Dentistry for Celebrities

We see the past and present celebrities on TV, Internet, Magazines, etc… and we wonder how come they capture so much attention? A common denominator for all of them is the fact that we like them. We like to look at their photos, we like to hear them talk, we like their shows and movies. Obviously, the looks play an important role. They always look neat and well kept. The makeup is done right. The hair is the right length and in the right place. The teeth are bright white and perfectly aligned. If we look at their pictures before they became celebrities and at their pictures after they became famous, we are going to see a big difference in the way their hair, eyes, face and teeth looked.

That big difference makes you wonder if this is the reason why they became so admired and liked by the general public. They probably decided to take care of their appearance and the “looks” completely, became more liked than the average person, had some talent and skills, and here they are, celebrities.

Let’s take Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he was younger, he captured attention with his big muscles. People would recognize him because of them. This was his identity. Great physique, long sweaty hair, large smile with spacing in between the teeth. It was a great image for a man in the 70’s and 80’s, especially for the type of movies he was starring in.
In the 90s when other younger “muscle guys” made their appearance, the big muscles could not be used as an identity just for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had to change something. For Terminator movie, he cut his hair, covered his muscles which were not so impressive anymore, and he replaced his wild look with a “professional” look. He would come across as a guy who mainly uses his mind and knowledge with some force, instead of just pure, raw, brute force. Also around that time he entered politics, where his physique was covered by nice, stylish suits. His face became more mature, short hair, neat appearance and he took care of his chipped teeth. He closed the space between the front teeth (diastema), they seem whiter, more translucent, they just fit his face better, so he could offer his voters a large smile like a Kennedy. But the appearance of the face and teeth is not important just for celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is important for all of us. We are “celebrities” in our environments, our families, our friends, our clients, businesses, jobs. And fixing your teeth for a better appearance is not as costly as people think. At my office in Washington Township NJ, I get people coming in and saying that they cannot afford cosmetic dentistry before I even quote them the fees.

There is this general fixed idea that Cosmetic Dentistry must be expensive. It is not as much as you think. Depends on the case, but usually it is less than the price of cigarettes for one year. I am not aware of any other way to spend some money to get as much value back than to make your smile a “celebrity smile;” When patients look in the mirror and they see their smile they say “how did I live without this look before?”