How can we help You?

  1. Full Service, In-house Lab
    We have a full-service, in-house lab specialized in full arch reconstruction on dental implants. We manufacture, on average, 80 to 100 full arches per year for our office alone and many more for other dentists in USA and worldwide.
  2. Full Manufacturing On-site
    We can manufacture everything for you:

    1. The surgical guides
    2. Temporary bridge
    3. verification jigs
    4. Implant specific occlusal rims
    5. Final restoration, the second final restoration at a discounted rate to have as a backup.
  3. Consulting
    We provide consulting for all the steps of the procedure from planning for prosthetically driven approach, to implant system recommendation for a given situation, component selection, impressions protocols, tryings, temporaries, material selection for the final restoration, insertion protocol, follow up protocol.
  4. Oral Surgeons & Periodontists
    For oral surgeons and periodontists, we can help your referring doctor by walking him through all the steps of the restorative planning and the actual procedure, so everything is done right the first time. We know the struggles the oral surgeons and periodontists go through when it comes to helping their GP’s in restoring full mouth cases.
  5. Expertise
    Our expertise and skill are unsurpassed by any commercial dental lab in USA.

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