Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day

Imagine having perfect permanent teeth for the rest of your life — so real only your dentist will know that they are the product of science, not nature.

It’s rare that science can actually trump nature, but when it comes to Teeth-in-a-Day dental implants, the triumph over nature is clear.

If you need a replacement for one or more missing or damaged teeth, there is only one sensible choice: dental implants. Other solutions are as outmoded as George Washington’s dentures (which were not wooden by the way: they were made of lead, brass, ivory, plus real animal and human teeth).

Immune to decay

Consider this: unlike natural teeth, Teeth-in-a-Day dental implants don’t decay. Made of pure titanium and ceramic, they are ultra lightweight — virtually weightless — and stronger than real teeth.

Because they are made of ceramic and titanium, they are immune to all forms of bacteria, and they are bio-compatible with everything else in your mouth and body. These synthetic materials are also 100% chemically inert — they won’t react with other substances to create problems, or emit toxic particles like lead and mercury fillings once did.

Because ceramic and titanium are immune to organic deterioration, you will never again have to worry about getting a cavity.

Freedom to chew

You can chew meat, raw vegetables and all kinds of fresh healthy food — salad, fruit, and nuts. Can chew crunchy foods, crispy foods, sticky or even gooey foods — it doesn’t matter because your teeth won’t come out. And just as there is no avoiding certain kinds of foods, dental implants can also withstand all temperatures of food, hot, cold or in between.

Looking good

Then there is the matter of facial beauty. Did you know that chewing is the natural exercise that keeps your face “fit”? Indeed, chewing keeps facial muscles taught which keeps you looking younger!


And while your teeth will look perfect and chewing will keep your face filled out, it’s not all about looking good. There is also the subject of digestion. Proper chewing stimulates the production of saliva and stomach acids, which are absolutely crucial for the proper digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. Remember the old rule about chewing each bite of food twelve times? That was to mix in a proper amount of saliva which starts the entire digestion process.


Perfect permanent teeth can also let you be more active. You can dive into water, go swimming in the pool or ocean without fear of losing your teeth. You can ski down a mountain with your mouth open and in general focus on having fun. That is important to helping you feel young in addition to looking young.

You can smile, speak and even shout without worrying about your teeth coming out and clattering to the ground at cost of great personal embarrassment.

Love life

While dental implants inspire confidence in all social situations, nowhere is that more important than in an intimate relationship. Intimacy does not also have to mean vulnerability and risk. Kiss the one you love with confidence and never again worry about problems with your teeth.


But don’t assume all this joy and advantage is only for young people. Old dogs may lose the ability to learn new tricks, but one is never too old to get perfect, beautiful teeth that will last a lifetime. Modern dental implants are age-independent, meaning no matter how old you are, you can be fitted with dental implants. And once in place, your perfect permanent teeth will never fall out or fail.

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