Unwanted side effects of wearing dentures part 2

Continuing from “Unwanted side effects of wearing dentures part 1“.

7. Excessive Lip Support
Because they are made from acrylic, the dentures need to have a certain thickness and to cover a bigger area in the mouth in order to be somehow stable in the mouth and also not break upon chewing or biting. Because of that, they push the lip forward lowering esthetics and impeding speech. Natural teeth or dental implants do not create that effect because they are supported by the underlying bone.

8. Removable and Unstable
Because they do not really attach to anything, the dentures count on the suction or adhesive to be kept in the mouth. Partial dentures also have some support and retention from the remaining teeth. But overall the retention of dentures and partial dentures is very poor. They feel unsecure during functioning. Also the dentures need to be removed at night to five the gums a chance to breathe. Some patients tell me privately that is no more terrifying thought that they have, but to have dentures, remove them at night and put them in a glass of water on the counter.

9. Sunken face look
Patients without teeth or dental implants have a sunken look. This is because the jaw bone shrinks if it does not have any teeth or implants in it. It looks like the cheeks and the lips cave into the mouth. The grooves(nasiolabial grooves) running from each corner of the nose to the coresponding(right and left) corner of the mouth are very deep giving the patient an “older look”.

10. Fragile, easy to break or chip
Because they are made of plastic, the complete dentures and partial dentures are very easy to break or chip if they are dropped on a hard surface(tile, concrete, asphalt, hardwood floors,etc….)

11. Easy to be lost or misplaced
Because the patients with dentures take them out to rinse them or put them away for the night, they are very easy to be misplaced, thrown away, eaten by pets, lost in the toilet, lost in the pools or in the ocean. Typically patients with dentures avoid swimming because of this fear of losing the dentures in the pool. During swimming because of the heavy breathing and the higher hydrostatic pressure, the seal and suction of the dentures are easier to break.

12. Health issues using denture adhesive. This issue is probably the worst giving the health hazard posed by Fixodent, Poligrip, etc…. denture creams. Read my more detailed blog on that:Possible Side Effects of Fixodent, Poligrip and Super Poligrip

13. Avoidance or lack of Intimacy
Patients with dentures avoid intimacy because of the huge fear that the teeth may move, come out, lack of feeling, fear that the other person ig going to get disgusted, etc…

If you wear dentures, you are tired of having them loose in your mouth, tired of avoiding intimacy, tired of breaking them or loosing them, tired of not eating what you want, etc… please call my office in Washington Township, NJ, Sewell Dental Arts at 856-582-2220 to schedule a free consultation. I will be happy to meet you and help you. And I promise that you can eat a dish like this and you will never have to take any “teeth out” after my treatment. Dr. Pastiu

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