TMJ Migraine Headache Treatment

by Dr. Pastiu, Sewell, NJ Dentist

TMJ Migraine Headache Treatment - Sewell NJ Dentist

Eliminate Headaches and Grinding Teeth with TMJ Migraine Pain Treatment

Are you suffering from headaches and grinding your teeth?

You may have “temporomandibular joint disorder” (TMJ) and need TMJ Migraine Pain Treatment.

Why Choose TMJ Migraine Headache Treatment

  • To treat and eliminate bad headaches and other symptoms caused by TMJ syndrome.
  • To stop clinching and grinding your teeth at night so you can sleep better.
  • To correct an annoying “clicking” or “popping” of your jaw.

How TMJ Migraine Headache Treatment Works

“TMJ” or “TemporoMandibular Jointdisorder is a syndrome caused when the joints that hold your jaw in place are misaligned. When this happens, the nerves and muscles in your jaw become irritated and cause these annoying and often painful symptoms.

Dr. Pastiu can help you find relief with “TMJ relief therapy” so you can eliminate your migraine headaches get relief from other annoying symptoms without surgery. Dr. Pastiu can align your jaw and alleviate the symptoms of TMJ by using an FDA-approved oral appliance which you wear at night when you sleep.