Same Day Denture

Same day denture is a denture delivered to the patient the same day or within 24 hours from the begining of the treatment which is making  impressions. If the impressions are made before 9.00 am the denture can be delivered around 5.00 pm the same day or if the impressions are made after 9.00 am, the dentures can be delivered next day at 9.00 am.

There is the idea amongst patients that same day dentures are lower quality dentures than the 2 weeks dentures. It is not the case. The difference in quality comes from the quality of the materials used for building the base of the denture and the quality of the teeth used. There are teeth made in China that can be bought by the lab for $2 for the whole set or there are teeth made in Europe that can be bought for couple hundred dollars for a set. The difference in quality between the two kinds of teeth is very dramatic.

The difference in time needed to fabricate dentures is determined by the lab. If the lab is slow, the denture is going to need more time to be fabricated. If the lab is efficient, the denture can be done the same day.

The best option for a dental office is to have a dental lab on site. In this case, after the patient has the impressions done, they are transfered straight to the lab and the dentures are started.

Our office, Sewell Dental Arts located in Washington Township, NJ provides same day denture services or 24 hours denture services.

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