NTI Tension Supression Device

It is estimated that nearly 30 million americans suffer from migrains. Many take medication for it, others just live with it. Taking headache medication does not treat the cause of the symptom, it just aleviates it.
During the night, while sleeping, some people grind or clench their teeth heavily. Because of that their teeth look more worn down than the teeth of a non-grinding patient, teeth and restorations are breaking more frequently, teeth are sensitive to cold and sweet everywhere, they feel very tense in the morning and it takes them 30 min to an hour to loosen up and a lot of them have headaches and migrains.

This people end up spending a lot of money and time at the dentist to restore the broken teeth and take medication to reduce the intensity of headaches. While taking medication for short term might be ok, taking it long term is detrimental to the overall health.

NTI tension supression device is the only FDA approved, non-medicating way of treating migraines and headaches. It is a very small device, custom made going on the front teeth, upper or lower and in this way breaking the reflex of grinding while the patient is asleep.

By not grinding or clenching during the night, the patients sleep better, the masseteric muscles and pterygoidian muscles are relaxed in the morning, no more headaches, the TMJ is relieved of high pressure and the teeth are not wearing down at a high rate. Overall the quality of life of the patient improves dramatically.

In the past there were used devices like Night Guard and Hawley Bite Plane to address the grinding problem for the patients. But there was found that the patients were still grinding at a lower rate on those devices and they still had some degree of headaches. Nevertheless, the teeth were not wearing down at the same rate.

Only by using the NTI device all three components of the grinding process were addressed in the same time: teeth, masticatory muscles( responsible for headaches) and TMJ.

NTI is also a lot smaller, easier to wear and less costly than a nightguard or a Hawley Bite Plane.

If you have headaches in the morning or during the day, your facial mucles feel tense when you wake up in the morning, your dental restorations and your teeth are chipping or breaking, your teeth are sensitive to cols and sweet, please call Dr. Pastiu, dentist in Washington Township NJ and Turnersville NJ area for a free consultation at 856-582-2220.

For more info please visit ADA , NTI-TSS and our page NTI Tension Supression Treatment.