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How much Do Dental Implants Cost (9/17/2018) by Dr. Pastiu - One of the first questions potential patients ask when they call our office is how much a new set of teeth costs. Although this is a very difficult question to answer without seeing the patient first for a consultation, I will try my best here to explain some general pricing […]
Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day (5/31/2016) by Dr. Pastiu - Imagine having perfect permanent teeth for the rest of your life — so real only your dentist will know that they are the product of science, not nature. It’s rare that science can actually trump nature, but when it comes to Teeth-in-a-Day dental implants, the triumph over nature is clear. […]
The Wellness Hour – No More Dentures, Permanent Alternatives with Dental Implants (2/15/2016) by Dr. Pastiu - RA:  You’re watching the wellness hour, the leader in medical news information. I’m Randy Alvarez. Today’s topic: replacing missing teeth with dental implants. According to our first guest he says “NO MORE DENTURES.” We have an expert on the topic, Dr. Pastiu.  Dr Pastiu welcome to the program. DP: Thank […]
Root Canal, Post, Core and Crown vs. Dental Implant (10/13/2015) by Dr. Pastiu - I am all about saving teeth.  And most of the other dentists are the same.  This is because we know that each tooth that is lost by the patient brings him one step closer to dentures. The dentures are the most horrific way of “having teeth”. One interesting fact about […]
Dental Crowns Made in China? (10/13/2015) by Dr. Pastiu - When a dental patient goes to a dentist to get a dental crown, the dentist prepares the tooth, takes the impression and gives the patient a temporary crown that is made in the dental office chair side. Then the impression is sent to a dental lab where the permanent crown […]
What happens if I do not have enough bone for dental implants? (4/5/2015) by Dr. Pastiu - This question comes up a lot. Many patients are told that they do not have enough bone left to have dental implants placed. Typically they had the teeth removed a while ago, they wore denture for long time, the bone melted away and all that is left now is an […]
Why is the Sinus Lift Needed? (4/5/2015) by Dr. Pastiu - The short answer to the title’s question is “because the lowering of the sinus floor was not prevented earlier”. The more detailed answer follows below. One very specific type of bone graft is the sinus lift. The maxilary sinus is located above the roots of the upper teeth from the […]
Why Some Patients Need Bone Graft or Sinus Lift? (4/4/2015) by Dr. Pastiu - In order for the dental implant to integrate with the bone(fuse, bond with the bone), it has to be surrounded by a layer of bone of at least 1.5 mm. Sometimes, some patients do not have enough thickness of the bone to ensure that the implant is completely surrounded by […]
How much do dentures REALLY cost on the long term? (2/1/2015) by Dr. Pastiu - Patients think that dentures are the cheaper treatment alternative when it comes to replacing missing teeth. It is partially true. On the short term they are the cheaper alternative compared with dental implants or dental bridges. But on the long term they are way more expensive than having dental implants […]
Implant parts for later? (1/12/2015) by Dr. Pastiu - Today, a patient brought up this question which I found very interesting and wise: “What happens if the implant company that made my implants is not going to be in business 20 years from now and I’ll need something fixed, but they won’t have the parts available?” This is a […]