Imagine Angelina Jolie without teeth? Is it worth not having teeth?

Angelina Jolie afterAngelina Jolie before

You can find in the Internet plenty of photos showing how various celebrities would look without teeth. One example that I picked was Angelina Jolie. The photos above are selfexplanatory. The difference that the teeth make in the person’s face, communication, confidence and perception by the others is tremendous. Imagine how many movies would Angelina Jolie be in without teeth? Not many, except horror movies. Yet, 14 mil Americans walk around without teeth. I see them in my office, you see them in your families and on the street. Why? Because the society in apparency accepts it. Just in apparency. How many times did you look at a person with missing teeth and you pretended you did not notice, but deep inside you did not like it and you did not have too much respect for that person? The only reason people do not getĀ their teeth replacedĀ is the financial reason. But if you really look deep in what the teeth give you, you realize that what you get back from having teeth is priceless. You cannot put a price tag on it. If you cut one small Wawa(not even a Starbucks) coffee per day for 20 years you would have plenty of finances to replace your teeth. We spend an huge amount of money on things that we do not need or thing that we got used to. But they may not even be as necessary as we thing. Those little things drain the finances and make it less believable that we have money to replace the missing teeth.