How did Cosmetic Dentistry Help Tom Cruise in His Acting Career

Let’s take Tom Cruise with his “million dollar smile”. Was his smile always like that? Completely aligned. Perfectly fitting his sculpted face.

Let’s look at his teeth when he was younger:

It would be hard to believe that he would get a role in any movie with those front teeth. Maybe a comedy.
Later on, he went to a dentist and fixed his front upper teeth. He looks better:

Still not perfect, but a dramatic change. Probably at that time the cost of the procedure was around $400. Was it worth it? Big time.





Now let’s see how he looks in present time with his million dollar smile:
To get from the previous photo to most recent one, he probably had dentistry valued at couple thousand dollars. That’s it. Couple thousand dollars for a “million dollar smile.”

Pretty good return on investment.

At my office in Washington Township, NJ 08080, I advise patients that even couple hundred dollars worth of cosmetic dentistry can be priceless. Think about the dramatic change after ZOOM! Whitening. Or a bonding to fix a front tooth cavity or chip. Or Porcelain Veneers to close the gaps. Or dental implants to replace missing anterior teeth.All those procedures cost a couple hundreds to a couple thousand dollars. The return on investment? Huge. Highest I know in any investment.