Advantages of ZOOM! Whitening

ZOOM! is by far the most well known and popular teeth whitening system around. It is manufactured by Phillips and has been around for many years. All the other systems on the market try to copy it, but it seems that this system is always considered the best.

Despite all the  negative opinions you find on the Internet and all sorts of photos, ZOOM! is the most lucrative and efficient system on the market.

Recently, while being on a cruise, I went to the spa they had on the cruise ship just to check it out. They had the “spa kind” of whitening available for $150. What do the clients get for $150? First , a wet tissue to clean their teeth, then a tray with gel which they(the clients) place in their mouth and the light cures the material.  No protection or barrier for the gums. And the changes in shade are barely visible.

After seeing that, I realized even more what a great system ZOOM! is. For $249 you can get in my office a real whitening procedure with real, longer lasting results like the one showed in the photos.

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