Advantages of Invisalign

As we age our teeth get more and more crowded(crooked). There are people who had braces in the past, but because they do not wear the retainer, their teeth have the tendency to go back slowly to the original position. There are also people who did not need braces or other teeth straigthening procedure, but with age teeth become misaligned, especially in the lower anterior area.
Why is important to keep teeth straight?

If they are straight, the biting forces hit the teeth in the long axis of the teeth, but if the teeth are crooked, the biting forces hit the teeth in an “off axis” angle followed by those teeth being more prone to break or have abfractions. Abfractions are holes or voids on the teeth very close to the gum line, very sensitive to cold and sweet. The reason the abfractions occur at the gum line is because in that region(called the cervix or the neck). the tooth has its weakest point. Because a little tooth structure is lost, the gum attachment in that area is lost also followed by gum recesion. So in straight teeth, abfractions and gum recesion are less likely to occur.
Another important reason why the teeth should be straight is because when they are straight, they are easier to be self cleaned by saliva, while when they are not straight, they have ledges and undercuts from where the food debris and bacteria are harder to wash by saliva. It is well known in the medical profession that crowded teeth are more prone to get gum disease and one of the treatment steps for gum disese is to straighten the teeth.

Why Invisalign?

Easy to wear, clean and estetically acceptable. The time for treatment is short. Giving the advantages that Invisalign has, each patient who qualifies should get the treatment. Ultimately, the value that the patients gets back( health of the teeth and gums and good looking teeth) is priceless.
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